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Through the Romero-Kalenian wedding, I want to tell you two stories visually.  One is the story I tell as an artist, the other is the story I tell as a documentarian.  While I am both an artist and a documentarian as I am a photographer, the two require different parts of my brain to switch on, and off…on and off…each giving the other a turn to express itself.  The name Simfotico comes from that idea that I am bringing two ways of thinking together for a similar purpose through photography~sort of the general idea of simpatico.  It also contains the beginning of the word simulacrum,  an image-making concept that has fascinated me for nearly 20 years because it questions whether the image is a copy or a new reality in and unto itself.

While most people know me as a fairly right/left brain balanced person, and I don’t strongly prefer one mode over another, I find that much of my audience tends to prefer either one side of my brain or the other–some are drawn to the artist–the way I frame the shot, isolate the subject, focus and process the image, the black and white tones I create to enhance the mood, light, shadow and contrast, but this same person barely notices the documentarian as I records a series of events–allowing them to unfold for everyone, the way they unfold for me.  Still others follow the documentarian around, asking questions, traveling vicariously, learning what happened, and why it matters.  Those are the people that see my art as silly–pretty but impractical–what would I do with that photo of oats in a field now that you have shown me how chocolate is made from cacao or how a cigar roller uses his chaveta?

I’m comfortable in both worlds, fortunately, and while I am pursuing my doctorate at the University of Washington, I have summers off and can shoot a very limited number of weddings per year, two or maybe three.  Because I have a limited amount of time to work with, I really want to make sure each one is a good fit.  You shouldn’t hire me because I am a photographer you know, or because you found me on the internet or because a friend recommended me.  You should hire me because it feels right–because you really want the kind of images I create and because you think there is no one else who can capture the art and emotion of your special day quite like me based on what you have seen of my work and possibly what you know of me as a person.  Although I am a very tech oriented person myself, for wedding shoots I’m catering to those who, while they aren’t old fashioned necessarily, prefer the feel of a real book to an ebook, a framed print to an online album, original art to a print from a department store, appreciate striking black and white images as much as they like rich color~those who want their wedding portraits to reflect them as real people with a sensibility about art.  Please feel free to browse this site and my other photography sites, www.commercial.simfotico.com (portraits and commercial work) and www.keeshadavis.com (fine art photography).

Fine Art Weddings

Every shot taken with a thought to composition and capturing the emotion of a single moment, timed exposures, unusual angles and perspectives, and special black and white tones created by Keesha to specifically to suit your style of wedding. Learn More»

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Documentary style shots that convey the beauty and emotion of the entire event. All Traditional Packages include two experienced, professional photographers with professional equipment. Learn More»


Pricing depends on a variety of factors including the number of photographers desired, the type of wedding, specific requirements of the bride, groom and their families, number of guests, length of the event and travel expenses. Learn More»
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